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Official Protein Bar of

Cleveland Gladiators Football Team

"As a functional sports dietitian for elite athletes, I always encourage a whole foods approach to enhance performance. IBC Bars are perfect for the the athlete looking for a source of fuel that is made from real food and does not contain added sugar or preservatives!" 

Kylene Bogden

MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN, CLT Performance Dietitian, Cleveland, OH 

St. Ignatius High School Baseball Program

"Our players are always looking for that high protein fuel before we take the field.  IBC Protein Bars provide a unique blend of high protein and great taste!  Unlike other protein bars, IBC Bars don't have that "chalky" taste that many other products have and our kids love the wide selection of flavors!"

Brad Ganor

Assistant Athletic Director

Head Baseball Coach  

Westlake High School Baseball Program

"A baseball player’s diet is a very important part of his training program. Poor nutritional habits can prevent a player from reaching his full potential on the field.There are three parts to a complete baseball player's training program: workouts, nutrition, and rest. IBC Bars is a key component in our nutrition philosphy and the kids love them because they taste great!"

Larry Mosely

Head Baseball Coach 

Places to get IBC Protein Bars

Buehlers - Route 18 - Medina, Ohio

Now offering IBC Protein Bars!!!

Shale Creek - Medina, Ohio

  Scott Shreck, President Granite Golf - "When dealing with golfers daily needs, IBC Bars deliver all the requirements for the ultimate performance."  

The Quarry - Canton, Ohio

IBC Protein Bars are the perfect snack for the course. Packed with 12g protein and only 4-7g of sugar, this natural protein bar combines organic ingredients with the awesome flavor of dates and nuts. Enjoy any time throughout a round to take your golf to the max!  

Whispering Woods - Erie, PA

Best snack ever when making the turn!

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